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Best Genealogical Podcasts

Genealogists are constant learners, throughout their entire lives they are constantly trying to discover more about their ancestors and their past each and every day. It’s this type of dedication that drives us to come up with new techniques, records and also document discoveries that are happening to us on a global scale. Thanks to advancements in technology and the advent of computers, the internet and other digital devices, learning more about our ancestors is getting easier and easier. You can start knowing more about your family today from the comfort of your own home.

There are some tools that allow you to do this in a simple and efficient manner. One of these tools that you can use to aid your LDS family search is podcasts. Podcasts are a relatively new creation and they are similar to radio broadcasts, the only difference is that these podcasts are broadcast on the internet rather than on the radio. You can listen to podcasts direct from your computer online or you can download them to your iPod or mp3 player and listen to them while you are on the move such as in the car or while you’re in bed at night.

One of the most popular genealogical podcasts is Geneabloggers Radio, originally created as a method of discussing broadcasts of a TV program. The podcast broadcasts every Friday night the website can be located at Blogtalkradio. They discuss various interesting subjects such as genealogy, dealing with different information, adopting, using new technologies, families and many others. Every show is usually one hour long and every single episode contains a lot of information one should know about genealogy and researching. After all it’s always good to learn new things!

We also have the “Genealogy Guys” George Morgan and Drew Smith who own the Aha seminars. These guys answer many curious questions asked by the public. They are continuously working and only stop posting new things when they go on vacation. The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) also provides the public an interesting Podcast to help the public regarding genealogy. Another great source of information when it comes to Podcasts is the Genealogy Gems by Lisa Cooke. You can check it out by accessing GenealOgygemsPodcast. It goes online twice a month and you can watch it for free.

We just talked about the podcasts however we also have access to Webinars that also aim in helping the public, however webinars are presented in a different manner to podcasts. Webinars are also incredibly new and need technology to work right. It is the same as a web based seminars, just like a conference from home. You can check on Google if any webinars are coming up, some of them are for free and others ask for a small fee than can be paid online through PayPal or Credit Card. These Webinars allow you to participate. They always give instructions beforehand on how you can be an active part of it.

Blogs are also very useful tools to find information about genealogy online. There are many genealogists or volunteers that often post online. To follow these blogs you can subscribe to them, that way you will receive their news feed on your email whenever something new comes up. You can check out the Dick Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter: Blogeogn. This blog brings a lot of new information on the subject on a regular basis. We cannot forget to mention the FamilySearch Learning Resources: FamilySearchLearn. These provide the public a sort of Wiki with hundreds of articles written by only professionals/experts on the field. These professionals come from all parts of the world and will share with the public as much information as possible.

As a conclusion the internet is a new and interesting way to learn more every day. No matter how little time you have available to do so, you are always going to have a computer close to you! Make your free time a way to learn more every day! After all people can take everything from you, except the wisdom you have!

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