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Completing Temple Work For Your Ancestors

I became a member of the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church back when I was in my teens, at the time I was living over 1500 miles away from my family. I had always had a strong interest in family history and genealogy this interest grew a lot stronger after the time when I was baptised. Along with this increased interest came a strong desire to complete temple work for my past ancestors. When the Lord opened up the path for me to attend university the only major that I had any interest in taking was family history. The more classes that I attended the more I learned about LDS genealogy and LDS family searches and also the necessity of temple work for our ancestors. I couldn’t wait to receive my endowment so I could begin to perform the required ordinances and baptisms for my ancestors.

After I received my endowment I was fortunate enough to visit the temple in Salt Lake City Utah where I was able to complete the necessary temple work for some of my ancestors including my mother. The whole experience was simply amazing; I found that the more I learned about the past of my ancestors the more temple work I was able to perform. When your find yourself looking to start family history temple work it can be a little overwhelming in the beginning, however there are a few simple steps that you can follow in order to make your job a little easier.

The easiest thing to do when starting any family history or an LDS family search is to simply start at the very beginning, in other words start with yourself and your immediate family such as your parents and grandparents. After you have gathered all of the information that you possibly can then you can start working your way back. It’s easy to allow your enthusiasm to get the best of you and start branching out in all directions but you will find it a lot easier if you complete the information for each family in your family tree one at a time. The reason that you want to concentrate a single family at a time is there may be more than one family in your LDS family tree that live in the same area and if you are working on more than a single family it’s easy to get confused and this could lead to information being recorded that is inaccurate.

Finding a really good genealogy software package is another good idea, a software package will help you when you are performing an LDS family search and can also help to keep your records organised. One of the best software packages for performing LDS family searches is Personal Ancestral File (PAF) you can find this online at and it’s totally free. Another thing to remember while you are researching your family history and your ancestor’s details is to always input the temple ordinance data so you never duplicate temple work that may have already been completed by someone else.

When you have gathered the names of a number of ancestors that are in need of temple work you should prepare the cards and take them along to the temple. While it’s always nice to complete temple work for names that have been gathered by others, nothing compares to the blessing of completing temple work for your own ancestors.

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