Discovery Your Family History

Connecting With Ancestors Through LDS Family Search

Countless people engaged in LDS genealogical researches because of two reasons: one, they want to make a connection with their ancestors, and two, they want to have a certifiable research to submit records for registries. Before you embark on a mission to trace your Mormon family history, it is important to know what you really want to achieve in the process. You will have to apply different means based on your objective.

If you are just trying to make a connection, there are available books that list names of all the people in the US. You might check these to know with whom you are connected to. However, this is just similar to a directory. If you are doing a research, this will not be the best source for you. Most names in these books are associated with their respective history. However, most information you will find are only general facts. This source will only be able to supply basic data. It only states simple and brief facts about the origin of a name. This source will be advisable for those people who are only searching for connections. This will not be of much help if you are doing a thorough genealogical research.

If you want a certifiable research to submit records for registries, the best source is the directories and registries of some organizations. These organizations will list and verify your LDS family history. An organization you may consult is the registry of LDS or Latter-day Saints known as the LDS family search. LDS family search is actually an organization.

The LDS registry lists genealogical records of people from different parts of the world. The names should be verifiable. For you to be able to access these kinds of registry, you have to make a list of resources as well as documentation. You might have to provide various documents such as certificates (birth, death, marriage), records (burial, divorce, census, wills), passenger manifests, etc.

Before, finding these documents has been a very tedious work. This often required long period of time, searching in dusty libraries or waiting at clerk’s offices. This is not the case nowadays. Because of the advances in technology, genealogical records are now stored in databases and can now be searched online. There are websites that provide services that will be very helpful for tracing your roots.

Further, some of these websites require payment for their services. However, other websites can be used absolutely free such as the LDS family search website. In a certifiable LDS genealogy research, it is important that documents can be viewed or can be referenced. The good news is that LDS family search provides this type of service.

Actually, LDS family search site has one of the largest databases for online genealogy search. The website provides free services. All you have to do is search for your name, another family member’s name, or your ancestor’s name. You are likely to find your Mormon family history easily if someone online has already made some research about it.

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