Discovery Your Family History

Discovering Genealogy through LDS Family Search

In discovering your LDS family history and your ancestral roots, things that seem irrelevant such as heirlooms should not be disregarded because these might provide clues about your ancestors. What are ways by which you can find these clues?

Have a mindset that you are in search of clues similar to what detectives and investigative reporters do. Clues will lead you to facts if you are listening well. Listen well to stories since these provide clues that will enable you to dig further back to your Mormon family history.

Initially, you have to create a plan. List the procedures for you to be able to have a well-organized research. Know what should be done first, and so on, and so forth, what tools you will need, who you should talk to (e.g. oldest living relatives, family friends, etc.), and where you should do your research (e.g. local public libraries, Internet, etc.). Aside from these, you should know the specific documents to look for such as certificates of birth and death, divorce documents, military discharge documents, and even newspaper clippings.

Try to learn the basics of an investigative research. Know the methods to be used and the places to search in. You can interview your relatives, look for documents, photographs, and other items or you can search in databases, libraries, and the Internet. LDS family search online is a great site to start your search.

In searching for clues, you might use any of these search methods: the surname search, the one place study, and the specific person search. Since these search methods are very different from each other, they will obviously yield different results. However, all of these are very helpful in any investigative research. Nonetheless, all of these searches are possible with the use of LDS family search online tool.

When interviewing relevant people, you should take note of important details such as dates and names. You might also find other places to look in by simply talking to them. You might ask them to search for photographs as well. Some people record dates of important events on photographs. Such small details might just unlock your LDS family history.

Aside from archives of local libraries, you can also find documents in some websites databases like the one that had already been mentioned twice – LDS family search site. These databases are provided with searchable indexes. The LDS or Latter Day Saints database and the IGI or International Genealogical Index are only two of the most relevant databases. You can either search online or see printed materials, whatever you find convenient.

However, online search would be advisable for a casual genealogical search enthusiast or a beginner in Mormon family history search. If choosing between the two is necessary, LDS family search is only one of the most effective tools in LDS genealogy research. It is one of the largest databases in the world that provides genealogical records to people.

What is good about LDS family search site is that it has various sources which can help you find your ancestral roots. These sources include family trees that are individually submitted, and official records and registers from all over the world. The Mormon Church also provides family history centers wherein you can freely access books, commercial databases, and microfilms of records from certain countries.

As we have seen, numerous ways are available to do an investigative research of your family history. Perhaps, you can begin as soon as now. Good luck, detective!

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