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Family Trees Online

The internet provides us the chance to find many kinds of information. We can also find information related to family history such as family trees. There are some sites (paid or for free) that allow people to find out more about their heritage. Sites including: Ancestry, Family Search, Tribal Pages, My Heritage, WikiTree, and There are some doubts when it comes to making these types of searches online. For example how can you tell that the information presented on the websites is 100% accurate? How can you help others by posting your findings on the internet? This article will give you some hints on how to solve this kind of dilemma.

Before you post your family tree online make sure that you have permission from other family members. Some people may get upset by having their family history and their names posted online. There are some family tree maker sites that will allow you to build your own family tree. Sites including: Legacy, RootsWeb, GedCom or Family Tree Maker. These sites will give you the chance to make your own reports where you can record details of your LDS family search and by doing it yourself you can avoid possible errors and data inconsistencies. These errors might be problems with data inconsistency, dates that are not valid and any other information that may not be accurate. Also make sure to add your own mark to the family tree, for example “All research copyright” followed by the year and your name. Also make sure to know exactly where you post your family tree online, after all no one wants to have trouble with the people who will view it. You will also have to keep in mind that your family tree is not static; therefore it needs constant updates, at least twice a year.

There is also the possibility to use a family tree that has already been posted online by someone else. However this method is not recommended because no matter how nice the other family tree might look there is no way to know if it is accurate or not. When you find a family tree online you must look for the information it holds and if possible make you own research on top of it to know if the things listed there are actually true. The person that put that family tree online may not have done a thorough LDS family search like you have done.

Genealogists know that family trees created by people can contain mistakes. After all one might have had a sibling that had more children than we already know. It is also important to show the dates when you have updated your family tree online. You should also add contact info such as phone number, e-mail and if possible addresses. Sometimes we can find grotesque date mistakes such as people being married before they were even born. It is important to pay attention to every single little detail because they are the ones that make a difference.

It is always very nice to be able to help and also to be helped online. By thoroughly researching and doing a good job on your own family tree you allow other people to be able to find out more about their own identity. If you provide the public with great works you will probably find that others are also willing to help you as well. Sometimes you will receive emails about people listed on your family tree and if you have relevant information about them it is very nice to be able to pass them forward for those who need it. You never know if that person has been looking for your great grandfather for years now. You can even have the opposite process! You can find long lost relatives all over the world! It is always possible!

 It is very nice to connect with people from all over the world. Imagine, just because of a simple family tree online you will be able to meet a new member of your family. You will widen your contact list and also make new friends. It is all possible because you had the right attitude of organizing a nice family tree and posted it online! By only taking a simple step you can be able to help dozens of people!

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