Discovery Your Family History To Start Your Research is one of the largest genealogy websites in the world and has become the go to place to go for researching your family history online. Millions of people make use of the websites services, resources and records to learn more about their families and where they come from. While it’s true that is available to absolutely anyone looking to perform genealogical research, it is extremely vital to Mormons or members of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church in their quest to perform LDS family searches.

It’s the members of the Mormon Church that have helped to create the single largest database of genealogical records in the whole world. For over a century they have actively gathered, preserved and shared genealogical records across the world. It’s thanks to them that today users of the site are able to access the database which also includes the International Geographical Index (IGI) and other material contributed by the church for free online at

Members of the Mormon community can also take advantage of visiting one of the 4500 family history centres that are available in over 70 countries worldwide to perform their LDS family search. The family history centres are smaller branches of the primary family history library which is located in Salt Lake City Utah; these family history centres just like the website are also available to the general public regardless of religion.

When it comes to using your local family history centre for your LDS family search you may find that your particular centre does not have certain records that you require on site. If this is the case for a small fee you will be able to request the records you require from the main family history Library in Utah. Once your records arrive at your centre you will usually be able to access them for a period of about three weeks.

While there are other online genealogy websites that you can use to perform your LDS family search has access to the largest amount of records that are relevant to the church members and its families. You should gather as much information as you can about your immediate family before you begin to place a search online. In doing this you will save yourself a lot of time later on. Once you have all of this information you will need to create a login name at Once you have done this and you are logged in you will be able to begin your LDS family search. You will see that the website offers you a number of different search options; you can search by names, dates of birth, dates of death and even by marriage dates. When using this site to perform your LDS family search you will have access to over 36 million names and over 600 million names of dead ancestors and you will also have access to the Pedigree Ancestral File (PAF)

As you can see when it comes to starting you LDS family tree research is definitely the place that you will want to start.

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