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Finding Ancestors In Need Of Temple Work

If you are a fairly recent member to the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church then finding ancestors that are in need of temple work should be an easy task. However if you are a long standing member of the church and your family has been with the church for many years then you may have some hard work ahead of you.

Members of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church are firm believers that all of the saving ordinances offered by God should be readily available to everyone that has lived on this earth, irrespective of whether or not they were alive before the gospel was restored or they were not in a position to accept it while they were living. It is the duty of those of us who are currently members of the church to complete the temple ordinances for them and it is down to our ancestors if they choose to accept the ordinances completed in their behalf. The completion of temple work has become increasingly more important since the gospel was restored and much more emphasis has been placed on it. Thankfully the ability to complete temple ordinances has become much easier in large partly due to the growth of temples throughout the world. Technological advances such as the internet have also made it much easier to perform an LDS family search and finding your ancestors is now less time consuming.

If you are one of the first in your family to perform an LDS family search or family history research then one of the first things you should do is get your hands on a good genealogy software package. One of these software packages that will make your LDS family search much easier is Personal Ancestral File (PAF) this available free from but you will find there are also a variety of other genealogy software packages available. You should start your LDS family tree by entering information about yourself first. After you have entered your personal information you can then move onto your parents and the rest of your immediate family such as brothers and sisters and grandparents. It is the recommendation of the church that you only input information from your direct family so there is no need to input details of spouses of your brothers or sisters.

When looking for information on your ancestors in order to perform an LDS family search there are a variety of sources that you can use to gather this information so that you can complete your temple ordinances. The type of information you will be looking includes names, dates of birth, marriage dates and dates of death. One of the best sources to get this type of information is to talk to your living relatives. When asking your family about your family history should try to ask about very specific information. Once you have gathered as much information as you can from your family you are ready to start digging a little deeper. Using the information you have gathered from your family you can perform LDS family searches using your software package and start tracing your family history back from marriage certificates, death certificates and other online records. You should also take advantage of the Family history library that is in Salt Lake City Utah if you are fortunate enough to live in its vicinity. Even if you don’t you should be able to access one of the Churches Family History centres that are located in most cities and towns. There you will be able to access millions of records that have been compiled over generations including civil records and censuses.

As you can see once you get started there really are a lot of ways to trace your ancestors in order to complete temple work for them.

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