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How to Conduct an LDS Family Search

LDS family search is indeed a very useful on-line tool in tracing one’s family history. However, the website, like any other websites, has its flaws. The users encounter some issues in terms of searching the data provided by the site. For instance, some users are not able to access the genealogical records by simply keying in their ancestors’ last name. Not that their ancestors’ records are not included in the International Genealogical Index (IGI), they are just difficult to locate.

In doing Mormon family history research, there are some issues with the IGI that you must take note of. IGI is not complete wherein it is a compilation of various records from various sources. It has numerous mistakes; it does not include burial records (these might be included in some cases), and most importantly it is only an index (as the name indicates). The IGI cannot effectively substitute searching at original records.

Although in some cases, the records might not be in the IGI. Probably, the problem of locating the records is because actually, the LDS family search site does not allow searching with the use of last names alone. It is possible to look for records by using only last names if you are searching at a specific set of records. However, this will be impossible if you are searching the whole country. Looking through the LDS genealogy records of one country will be a very difficult for the website.

Since information is contained in the site’s database, LDS family search site will not be able to handle the data simultaneously. You might just be able to find what you are looking for if you limit your search on a county or town. Searching with the use of last names alone is fine if your ancestor’s name is rare. Remember that there are millions and millions of very common names all over the world, even in one country.

Tracing your LDS family history will not be very easy if that is the case. However, you need not lose hope. This problem now has a solution. Handy websites designed by genealogy enthusiasts are available nowadays. These will guide family historians in navigating in the LDS family search website. Aside from this, the site provides information regarding the available registers in IGI.

You will know early on what specific record you will be able to view. One website that can effectively aid Mormon family search researchers is the website that Hugh Wallis maintains –
The website provides access on birth or christening registers and marriage registers not only in the US, but also in British Isles and Canada.

If the LDS family search website would not be able to easily locate your ancestors for you, you can use Hugh Wallis’ specialist search. You are sure to locate your ancestors in the IGI with this specialist search tool. However, you should keep in mind that nothing replaces the original. You should still look for original materials at relevant archive or the record office of your country. Numerous information are provided in the internet, specifically in websites.

Since there is a huge amount of data, these might include inaccurate records. It is necessary to validate the records, so as you will succeed in finding your Mormon family history and be assured that it is 100% genuine.

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