Discovery Your Family History

How To Start Your LDS Family Tree

The first thing that you need to do before you start looking into researching your family tree is to gather as much knowledge as you possibly can about your family. You can get this information from your parents, grandparents, cousins and other living distant relatives. Don’t overlook family friends or neighbours that have known your family throughout the years as they can also be a great source of information. All of this basic information combined will make a fantastic starting point when it comes to performing your LDS family search.

Next you want to take a look at any one of the number of fantastic genealogy websites that are available online., and are just a few great examples. These genealogy websites will give you the opportunity to access a wealth of different resource archives that you couldn’t possibly locate on your own. Another great, if not the greatest source of information when it comes to performing an LDS family search is the Mormon Church. Each of these latter day saints churches has its own individual resource centre or family history centre as they are known. These history centres are all branches of the primary resource library that is located in Salt Lake City in Utah.

The research of family history is an important part in the coming of age for a Mormon or LDS Member. The information that has been gathered over the years has all been compiled into a single large information centre that is accessible to everyone regardless of religion. Other information that you may want to look for when performing an LDS family search will include records of immigration. A great source of information of people who immigrated to the United States can be found at If you are looking for pilgrims that travelled over on the Mayflower then there is a comprehensive list available at

Researching your family tree may turn up information that is totally different to how you imagined it. There is the possibility of discovering relatives that you didn’t even know you had. When researching your latter day saint family tree you may discover just how many people there are in your family and the professions of your fellow ancestors. All of this information will come from census records that you will research as a direct result of your LDS family search. If you are looking to find out at what age someone was married then this information can be found from finding the marriage certificate. Another thing that you may want to take into consideration when performing an LDS family search is the spelling of your family name, sometimes previous record entries may have been misspelled so you should do a search for common misspellings of your family name as well as the correct spelling to be thorough. The more time you put into researching your latter day saint family tree the better you will become at it, and you may even be able to trace your family’s roots as far back as when records became available.

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