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Importance Of A Written Legacy

As Mormons we understand the importance of preserving our family history and this is why the church encourages us to perform family history research through LDS family searches from written records and other genealogical resources. While it’s true that by recording our family history through means such as an LDS family search that we will be handing down information of our ancestors to the younger generation who have yet to be born, what many of us may overlook is the importance of leaving a legacy of ourselves. Just what is a legacy? Simply put a legacy is a way for people to know who we were as a person, much like we record the information of our previous ancestors so that others may know them, a legacy is a way that you can tell your story of how you want to be remembered before you pass.

Whether we know it or not we all have stories to tell and these are the kind of things that make up a legacy, things that you would want your family, colleagues and friends to know about you, something that they could cherish after you have gone. More and more people are now starting to write their own legacy whilst they are alive. One such way that you can record your living legacy is through publishing your own book and with the advances in technology and the internet, getting your story published in some form or another is becoming increasingly easier. Telling your own story is quite possibly the best method in which to pass on the story of your life from one generation to the next. The good thing about writing your own legacy is that it is your story and you are writing and you can make sure that it is told exactly as you want it to be remembered.

I act as a ghost-writer for a lot of my clients and when I ask them why they want to write their stories or legacy one of the most popular answers I get is the fact that they want something for their children to remember them by. This is probably why there is such a huge demand for ghost-writers right now as more and more people are realising just how great of an idea it is to leave a written legacy for their loved ones. Your written legacy to your family could contain reflections on your life and could help to serve as a guide to your children as they are growing up, for many people a written legacy is more of a purposeful document than it is a written record.

There are a number of ways you can go about leaving your own written legacy firstly you could write your own book. Many people think that writing a book is something that they would never be able to do in a million years; the truth is it really isn’t that difficult. Thanks in part to POD or print on demand publishing, it used to be that if you wanted to write a book using a traditional publisher the minimum amount of books that they would allow you to print was around 1000, now this is a lot of books and you don’t need that many not to mention traditional publishing methods are extremely expensive. Enter print on demand publishers, rather than using letterpress like a traditional publisher they use high quality digital printing for your book which is significantly cheaper, prices vary from publisher to publisher but you should be looking at anywhere from $6 to $60 per book which is extremely cheap for a professional book compared to traditional publisher prices. If this is the way you want to go for your book then a search online for print on demand publishers will help you find the best deal.

If writing your own book is not for you then you could hire a ghost-writer to write your book for you. A ghost-writer will come and interview and record all your stories and they will even scan any photographs that you want to use in your book and help you compile your book for you. Leaving a written legacy in the form of a book will stand the test of time; dusty old photographs will fade after time, where as if they are digitally scanned as part of your book they will last forever. Leaving a written legacy will make sure your story is passed down to your loved ones and they will have memories of you that they can cherish for a lifetime.

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