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Migration and the Holocaust or Shoah have changed the lives of millions of Jewish people. Nowadays these families that were destroyed in the past can find out more about their ancestors thanks to genealogical surveys and research. There is some important data held in countries such as Israel, Turkey, Arabia and many other countries. You may also find this information in public libraries and online. Using these tools you will be able to perform your own LDS family search.

This article will help you find out more about these files in Israel as well as covering information that is available regarding the digitalized files that can be found on the subject. You can find data in a number of different languages including Turkish, English, Arabian and Yiddish. These Israeli files are divided into sections such as State Archives, The Defense Forces of Israel (IDF), Archives of the Defense Establishment and the Municipal Archives (as governmental files), The Central Zionist Archive as well as The Central Archives of the History of the Jewish People (as public files) and Yad Vashem, the History of Political Parties in Israel (as the historic archives). These places allow people to perform LDS family search.

There are many people that have their own private files at home. It is impossible to know exactly just how much information is available however we may already know that it is a lot. Some of these files open doors for genealogists who want to know more about their Jewish lineage. These files are often categorized and made digital. Another fact that helps is that there are many files in Hebrew and English, meaning that language need not be a barrier standing in the way of research. In case you need some help with translations you will be able to find some good sites on the web that can help you, sites such as Google Translator, you can use this for performing an LDS family search in different languages.

Now talking a little bit more about immigration to Israel we are able to notice that between the 13th and 19th centuries the number of Jewish people returning to Israel was significantly higher. More than 50 thousand people returned to their homeland during the said period. There were around five Aliya’s this is a Hebrew word which describes moments when the Jewish people returned home. Many of these immigrants had to have their names and surnames changed once they got back to Israel and these names still exist today. Some of these name changes were posted on the Palestine Gazette or the Yalkut Hapirsumim.

There is an interesting case, called The Chalomovsky family case. This family hails from Poland and the family grandfather, Mr. Abraham Chalomovsky went to Palestine around the 1900s. After that his grandson, Isaac, did the same. This family lost contact with each other and by performing an LDS family search for the Chalomsky family we can see what we would need to research in order to help the family reunite. We Begin our LDS family search with Abrahams name, initial results show that he immigrated to Palestine and later settled in Jerusalem. All of this took place during the Ottoman Empire therefore documents regarding this time are what need to be researched. We made various researches on the central archives and found lots of information about the Jewish. We also checked cemetery sites and other municipal databases. Performing another search using Abraham’s surname of Isaac also turned up additional clues and pointed to other places that we should look to get more answers. Following up on the results from the surname of Isaac you can use telephone record searches with the Israeli phone company Bezek. Later on we discovered that Isaac’s last name changed to Chalom. We also checked the Zionist files and found good information about the years 1800 through 1970. Many searches were performed online and with many other genealogical associations. After a while we found out that the Chalomovsky family died during the Holocaust and that they filled a page of testimony that was digitalized and this also turned up during this example of an LDS family search. This is how an LDS family search could be used to reunite families.

Through this example of family search we could notice that by simply looking online we can find a lot of relevant information. We also found out a lot of information about the past of these families and history. Therefore we can conclude that history and research are extremely linked because by doing research we can find small and very important details about people’s lives from the past that can still be relevant today. We learned that a whole family immigrated, moved, died, moved again and later on was reunited thanks to the various research tools that we have available at our disposal today.

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