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Latter Day Saints Family History

One of the best places to perform an LDS family search would almost certainly be the Mormon family history library which is located in Salt Lake City. The Library has always been popular with genealogists, in particular Mormons. Unfortunately not everyone looking to perform an LDS family search is able to get to the library.

For example, for a genealogist that is located the other side of the world, travelling thousands of miles to just to get to Salt Lake City to perform an LDS family search would be extremely expensive not to mention quite time consuming. Fortunately there is a solution and it comes in the guise of a family history centre. These family history centres are smaller branch libraries of the main family history library in Salt Lake City. Currently there are over 3000 FHC branches open in around 64 countries.

These smaller branches circulate hundreds of thousands rolls of microfilm between its centres every month. It’s not just microfilm that gets circulated between the family history centres; there are also books and other genealogy resources that can be used for an LDS family search. All of the family history centres are normally situated within easy driving distance and can be found in large cities as well as much smaller towns meaning that you will not have to travel far to do your research.

Inside the family history centres you will have access to a massive collection of genealogy resources including, church records, probate, census records and immigration records. Further resources that can be found at the family history to assist with an LDS family search include maps and databases of LDS family trees. If you cannot find a particular record that you require for your LDS family search then the volunteers at the family history centre can assist you in obtaining it direct from the head library in Salt Lake City.

Another added advantage to using an LDS Family History Center (FHC) for you LDS family search is that there is no charge for the use of the facility; all of the records are freely available to the public. There may be a small charge if you need a volunteer to obtain a record directly from the main library in Salt Lake City, records requested like this will usually take between 2 and 5 weeks to arrive at the local family history centre. The records will be kept at the local centre for around 3 weeks in which time you will be able to have access to them for performing your LDS family search. The family history centres are funded by congregations of the church in the local area; this means that the centres can usually be found inside the church grounds.

Mormons also known as the latter day saints are believers that all family is perpetual and for this reason all of the knowledge and records that have been accumulated over the years is freely available to all people regardless of whether or not they are Mormon or any faith.

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