Discovery Your Family History

LDS Family History – Why Its Important

Finding out that you’re related to a nobleman from the renaissance could be both fun and

Informative, it could also mean giving both his family and him the chance to accept and receive the gospel according to Jesus Christ. Being interested in performing an LDS family search and researching our family history is extremely fun and interesting, but this isn’t the only reason that we have the most extensive genealogical library worldwide and also why around 13 million other Mormons are actively encouraged to research their family history.

It is rather the fact that we are both guided and driven by our doctrine that advises us that families and marriage can carry on beyond this life. This vision of perpetual family can only occur when families are joined together as one in any one of the Lord’s temples that are located around the globe and are joined together for eternity.

 That’s all well and good for those of us today who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to be sealed inside a temple, but what of our ancestors that died without the opportunity to receive a baptism or to receive the blessings of belonging to an eternal family? Surely the Lord God would not simply say “That’s too bad sorry”. Of course he wouldn’t. This is why back in ancient times when Christ Organized his church it also included vicarious work of the dead and also included the opportunity of practicing ordinances for relatives that were also deceased. The restoration of Christ’s original church handed down to earth through the Prophet known as Joseph Smith also included this ancient practice of carrying out these ordinances for deceased relatives inside our temples.

Family history or genealogical research is the quintessential driving force of temple work for our ancestors who are deceased. It is done in order to gather names and other types of genealogical information through means such as performing an LDS family search so that temple ordinances are allowed to be performed for our dead kindred. Through thorough family history or genealogical research such as LDS Family searches we are then able to teach the gospel to our ancestors which are in the spirit world and they are given the opportunity to either accept or to reject the work that has been performed for them.

The importance of family history for Mormons or latter day saints stems from the belief that all family is perpetual even after life is over. Genealogical research such as LSD family searches can help to overcome estrangement in families and build bridges from one generation to another. It also helps to connect grandparents who are now deceased to grandchildren whom otherwise they would never have known by keeping their memory alive by sharing stories and their histories. It is the Mormons belief that learning and remembering our ancestors helps us to truly understand ourselves.

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