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LDS Family Search as Provided by the Mormon Church

There are numerous sources available online that will be very useful for LDS genealogy records search. However, some can only provide limited data. If you are working on an extensive research or an investigative research, you are going to need sources that contain large amounts of information. The genealogical records stored in the database of the Mormon Church are only one among the largest sources, aside from being the most popular in the world. Searching on the Mormon Church database might mean you will not need to look elsewhere.

Millions of people throughout the world are in a mission to find their family history records. This mission has been made easier to accomplish though the genealogy search service provided by the Mormon-operated website – LDS family search.

During the late 1960’s, the Church has included birth and marriage records of deceased people in its database. These are listed in the IGI or the International Genealogical Index. The creation of IGI is the result of great efforts invested by different people throughout the world. Other records can also be found in the IGI. Aside from birth and marriage records, the IGI contains military and social security death records. Searching for your ancestor’s name will no longer be a tedious work since genealogical records can be accessed through the IGI and the LDS family search site.

Documents and official records can be accessed from all over the world in the family history library of the Mormons. These can be searched and accessed through various methods and by various people. That is, the family history library access is not limited to the Church members. This will bring great relief to people who have waited on clerk’s offices or spent so much time in their local libraries.

As mentioned, LDS genealogy records of the Church can be accessed through different methods. The easiest and the most commonly used method is by searching the records online. Most of the records housed by the family history library are digitized in the LDS family search site.

However, it is important to note that not all the records have been digitized, thus, not all the records can be searched online. The best efforts are given to make all the records accessible online. Only basic data are stored in the database of LDS family search website. Scanned copies of the actual documents are also available, but these are only limited. Errors and discrepancies cannot be avoided because of this.

The Mormon Church also provides a very interesting service, the family registry. The family registry allows researchers to connect with other researchers who are also doing family history and genealogy research. Through this, you can share your research with other people and gain more knowledge from their research as well. They might also share effective ways and resources they have used in their research.

Besides other researchers, you can also get help from people of the Mormon library. If you are only beginning your research in the LDS genealogy records, you might directly contact the family history library. Of course, you will still conduct the research by yourself.

Nevertheless, the Church staffs are surely willing and helpful to give clues regarding methods, practices, procedures, and sources that will enable you to search the most relevant information. Surely, they know the right place to look in, and that is through the LDS family search website.

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