Discovery Your Family History

LDS Family Search Using Online Tools

Are you interested and dedicated in finding about what kind of people your ancestors are? Or what kind of life they have lived in the past? Then, you should begin looking for great resources for Mormon family history and genealogy research. Excellent LDS genealogy sources are available both online and offline. Most of these resources are considerably inexpensive, and some are even free to be used in genealogy search. These will help you discover more about your ancestral roots.

When you go to the local public library, you might access commercial databases, genealogy books, journals, reference materials, and worksheets which will be very helpful for your research. Aside from going to local public libraries, you might also investigate the local genealogical or historical society of your town by becoming an LDS genealogy organization member. Joining the group might actually require a membership fee. However, this will be worthy since you will get great resources which you can use for your research.

Of course, since you are already a member, you can participate in genealogy conferences and other special events. Aside from this, you will learn a lot from expert amateurs and professional genealogists. These will surely improve your knowledge in ways by which to conduct your LDS family search.

These offline resources are indeed very helpful. However, there are other resources you can find online that are excellent as well. Some genealogy sites provide free genealogy newsletters. Newsletters provide a great amount of general as well as specific information. These are perfect guides in doing your own LDS family search.

Different associations mat also provide you with documents, history, maps, photos, etc. about your ancestors or your ancestral lines. You might get these free or with an inexpensive membership fee.

Message boards online are also available, and which you may access. One example is the RootsWeb. This is one of the largest message boards that includes historical, regional, and surname boards.

Free charts, databases and forms are also available online and are absolutely free. These will help you keep organized what you have researched about your ancestors so far such as relevant correspondence and documents.

Most LDS genealogy sites offer free downloadable forms as well as ‘Getting Started’ items. Free family tree software helps in keeping your family tree not only well-organized, but also detailed with photos, proof or sources, photos, etc.

Finally, a free online tool that will be of great help for your genealogy search is the LDS family search website. This is one of the largest genealogy resources that are available online. This site is maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), providing free LDS family history researches.

Aside from this, LDS family search site provides a free genealogy program, the Personal Ancestral File (PAF). Everybody is welcome to attend the genealogy classes provided by the organization. You can have access to downloadable documents and videos through these classes. You can also use guides and maps that will help you in your genealogy research.

Further, the Church also maintains Mormon family history centers that are excellent resources of census records that are very useful in genealogy and family history research. The census records of these history centers came from various sources which include the church members of LDS.

Mormons are encouraged to contribute to the LDS family search database by conducting research of their respective family history and genealogy. As a result, extensive information is made available to the general public.

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