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LDS Genealogy

Mormon or latter day saints genealogy is a form of research that is used to trace ancestors of the past. When looking to start researching your latter day saint family tree, one of the first types of search you will want to perform is a LDS family search, this will be a search of your family name. The research is not just used to trace dead ancestors but it also includes living relatives to build a complete family tree. Any genealogist looking to start researching their latter day saints family tree will start by collecting as much information as they possibly can on their family before they begin their LDS family search. The type of information that can be helpful in conducted research into a family tree can include stories passed down from older family members as well as more factual information such as dates of birth.

Nowadays researching your family tree and performing an LDS family search has been made much simpler than it would have been in the past. This is thanks in part to the use of the internet and genealogical websites. The majority of the genealogical websites that are available offer a type of genealogy software of some sort that can be used to predict certain things depending on the data that you have already researched and are able to enter into the software. This type of genealogy software can be used to predict dates and even relationships between other members of your family that you will have previously researched using an LDS family search.

At the bare minimum genealogical software will be able to offer basic information about individuals which will include births, deaths and marriages. The more advanced programs will be able to offer much more detailed information such as business details, place of residence and will also offer space for you to enter additional information that you have researched through your LDS family search.

An LDS family search can help lead to a better understanding of your family history. Searching for other living relatives can lead to family reunions either from distant cousins or families that have been separated by distance or other reasons. Genealogy can sometimes help to reunite families that have been separated as a result of war, immigration or through fostering or adoption. Researching your family tree can also help to preserve family traditions and even reveal family secrets from the past.

In reference to Mormon or LDS family searches the latter day saints church instruct their members to document records of their ancestors and this is something that they have done for many years and will continue to do for the foreseeable future. For this reason the Mormon Church has the largest genealogical database on earth. If you perform an LDS family search online you will almost certainly stumble across the massive database of genealogical data that the Mormon Church have amassed over the years and also make freely available to anyone regardless of if they belong to the church or not.

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