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Mackay Family History And Your Scottish Ancestors

Wondering how you can put some information about your long lost past together. This article will help you how to gain more knowledge regarding the ancestors of Alexander MacKay or any of your Scottish ancestors, who emigrated from Scotland to America. You can learn much more by doing a simple LDS family search. You need to research generation to generation as your end goal is to gather as much information as possible. It is very important to learn as much as possible about Alexander’s life and family as you will compare this information to your own life later on. Depending upon the particular time period you are looking for it is interesting to consult churches, census records, arrivals of passengers to the town, land and military records and other sources of data. Always try to answer questions such as what was the situation in Scotland at the time? Did they have children back in Scotland? When did they come to America? Did he immigrate alone? These questions will help you learn more about the heritage you possibly have as well as have a better idea of the world Alexander lived in back in those old days.

 You can also search for information on Alexander MacKay by using information found within the (IGI) or International Genealogical Index on the LDS website online. You will gather several results that are going to be extremely helpful while doing your LDS family search. You will get addicted to this site as it holds many interesting facts about the life of Alexander. Make sure you use variations of the last name as well, variations such as McKay, Mackie, and others. Another great option is to check out the annual list “Genealogists for the Scottish Clans” by Robert D. McLaren, this informative document gives people the information about the Scottish clans and family associations gathered by genealogists. The USA Clan MacKay Society genealogist which is located in Fresno, California also has some interesting information about Alexander’s offspring. Search for a MacKay surname DNA project. The site FamilyTreeDNA also holds a lot of important information about DNA and family lineage. Performing an LDS family search can be quite fun! You will learn lots of new things about where you and your family came from and where everything started.

You will be able to learn every single thing, from the very beginning all it takes is time and patience. Many things happened from that time until today, wars, social unrest, political changes, and changes in culture itself. For instance warlords capitalized and became established feudal lords who often had authorization that was given by the Scottish crown. This kind of information can change many things. They give permission for the families made of Indians to stay in the land however in exchange they would have to give their military services during war times and also had to give them part of their yearly crop production, in exchange they would be able to stay in the land and technically have some protection provided by their lord. The language they had to speak was Gaelic, they were bound to it, and there was no other option. However not all the Scottish people lived their life according to clan law, there were some that lived in the borders of the cities, some even had extended families. After the Jacobite rebellion in around 1745 the highland clan system became broken and later on destroyed during the industrial age which took many Scottish people to Glasgow. This and much more you can learn through LDS family search!

While performing your own LDS family search it is also important to consider things such as geography. If you had no success looking for information about Alexander’s first whereabouts you can narrow your research by locating where people with the same family name lived at that time. A Scottish clan map can show you that the MacKay’s used to live up in the north western portions of Scotland, where you could also find the Durness and Kinlochbervie parts. Even nicknames can give you hints, for instance the nickname given for Alexander that is very common is Sandy, if you use this during your LDS family search you might find better results and have the possibility of knowing even more about the old days. You will also be able to relate that to your own family today!

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