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Mormon Genealogy Research

Genealogy is becoming extremely popular nowadays; more and more people are making an effort to research their family history and discovering more about their ancestors and where they come from. As a Mormon and a member of the Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church we understand more than most the importance of researching our family history. As a Mormon we are believers that all of our ancestors should have the opportunity to accept the Gospel regardless of when or how they died without prejudice. For this reason all members of the LDS church are taught the importance of family history research.

Over the years the church has collected the most comprehensive database of genealogical data and it is available to everyone regardless of their religion. is the site that is run by the church. When performing an LDS family search this web site will be invaluable in you research so you should consider bookmarking it. For first time users looking to perform an LDS family search there are a few things that you should be made aware of so that you can make the best possible use of your time when researching your family history on

Whenever you are doing a search for information anywhere not just when you are searching the churches records at, you should be aware that not all information that crops up will be 100% accurate. A simple way of ensuring the information that you find is correct is to cross reference and verify the information from a number of different sources. IN short whenever you are performing an LDS family search you should always make an effort to double check all your information.

Regardless of which online genealogy search site that you decide to use you will find that most of them will not allow you to perform a search without a last or family name, this is true of too. If you have the family name of the person that you wish to search but do not know their first name then you should consider just searching with the first few letters of their first name if you know them. Obviously the more information you are able to input when researching then you are more likely to get back the exact information you are looking for.

There are more ways to perform an LDS family search than just names; you can also search by date of birth, wedding date and date of death. Searching with this kind of information instead of names only can greatly help to reduce the number of results that you receive when performing a search.

These simple tips and tricks will help you when performing an LDS family search online. Remember you are not just limited to the websites that the church has to offer, although these will give you access to a lot more records that you will most likely need since they have been compiled by fellow members of the Mormon community.

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