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New Family Search And Your Ancestors

A while ago, underwent tests in various regions of the world to supplement which is another website that is made available by the Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints church to assist people looking to perform An LDS family search or research their LDS family tree with the hopes of performing temple ordinances for them.

It was in 2009 that was officially launched in Utah. The decision was made to supplement the original site at was to help provide the names of people who required temple ordinances performing and also to merge together any duplicate information into one to make performing LDS family searches more simplistic. The decision to launch the new site in Utah last was that so most of the bugs could be ironed out first since Utah has the largest group of Mormon Church members.

The first website at originally offered a number of different components. It gave access to church genealogy indexes (ancestral file, vital records and pedigree resource file), civil records indexes (death index, social security and certain censuses), research information and the catalogue of records held at the family history library of Salt Lake City in Utah. This site has been in operation for a number of years and is updated as and whenever is required.

For the past half century church members have been submitting the names of their direct ancestors and families that are in need of temple work ordinances, the number of requests for temple work increased with the advances in technology. Before the launch of there had been little work done to reduce the amount of duplicate information of individuals or the temple work that had been completed for them. After the sheer number of duplicated names couldn’t be managed any longer the decision was made to attempt something that could be done to avoid people wasting their time and to avoid conflicting information.

In order to access the information found at you are required to create an account, this could be an account for the general public or one for members that shows temple ordinances. Once you are logged in you will find a presentation that introduces the purpose of the site and explains how the site can be used. You will be able to see what information the church already holds on your family preventing you from duplicating any information that someone else has already entered. The church has combined the information from all sources and nothing has been overwritten or deleted. Individuals have been organised by family name based on information that has been provided and submitted by other members. This organisation enables members of all families to see exactly the same thing and see when temple work is required or has already been completed. If during your LDS family search you do come across conflicting information or information that is incomplete, then it will be up to you to decide if the duplicates are the same person that you are researching or not. also can determine if there is enough information in order to perform temple ordinances that are missing and even has the option for you to reserve the ordinance so that you can perform it yourself. You can also prepare an ordinance request for your family to take to your temple. Temple workers will prepare your card so that you can use it in the temple performing ordinances. After an ordinance has been completed is made aware so that everyone else can see that it has been completed and that it does not need to be done again.

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