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South Carolina Family History & Genealogy Centers

The beautiful southern state of charming South Carolina is a gorgeous home rich in breathtaking beaches and stunning plantations. Additionally it is haven for a large number of who may have been smitten by the family line wonder and are on a remarkable mission to track down their humble family beginnings as far back as they possibly can. A lot of South Carolina citizens are very much interested with the genealogy research. To make it easier for them in their search for family lineage, South Carolina family history centers promote a great deal of research sources to be of service to family members track down their long family lines. The fabulous centers are operated & owned by competent members of the South Carolina LDS Family Search & at absolutely no cost at all to the public. Office working hours will differ so get in touch with the office in-charge before dropping by to make sure that the center is open for the public.

Aiken SC Family History Center
358 E Pine Log Rd
Aiken, South Carolina 29063
(803) 648-0726

Beaufort SC Family History Center
703 Parris Island Pkwy
Beaufort, South Carolina 29902
(803) 252-1823

Charleston SC Family History Center
1519 Sam Rittenburg Blvd
Charleston, South Carolina 29407
(803) 766-6017
South Carolina Family History Center
4440 Ft Jackson Blvd
Columbia, South Carolina 29209
(803) 782-7141

Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
1301 Boiling Springs
Greer, South Carolina 29615
(864) 627-0553

Orangeburg SC Family History Center
2740 Broughton St
Orangeburg, South Carolina 29118
(803) 531-5531

South Carolina Genealogy Resources

Examine in South Carolina could be exceptionally energizing but difficult. The tests incorporate a key records framework that didn’t begin until the 1900s, major misfortunes of before the war (e.g. precivil War) records, a mind boggling court framework and more, however you will find fabulous pioneer area and Revolutionary War records, to name a couple spots where electrifying familial finds might be made.

Some great South Carolina specific genealogy resources that you definitely want to check out are:

1. Understanding the history of South Carolina, its jurisdictions and the severe loss of records is paramount to successful genealogy research. Check out GeLee Corley Hendrix, Research in South Carolina, Research in the States Series, NGS Special Publication No. 66 (Arlington, Va.; National Genealogical Society, 1992).

2. The Reference Room of the South Carolina Department of Archives & History can also be a great place to visit and please do check out the on-line records index that currently includes plats, wills, confederate data records and more. For death data records, kindly check out the SC DHEC collection of death indexes for 1915-1960.

3. A lot of obituaries, and not only just for South Carolinians, were also published in the Southern Christian Advocate and the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate – these can be accessed via Wofford’s South Carolina United Methodist Collection, though kindly do check out the other unique collections held.

4. South Caroliniana Library has the biggest collection of published works and manuscripts regarding South Carolina and for a great overview of Genealogy research resources check out South Carolina’s Information Highway (SCIWAY).