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A famous adage says, “It doesn’t matter where you came from, what matters is where you are going”. In reality, however, where we came from matters a lot. It is human nature to want to know more about our ancestral roots. This endeavor can be fun, contrary to what most people might think. All you have to do is invest some time and effort, and you are sure to discover your roots. Who knows you might even get to meet new relatives?

In tracing your Mormon family history, you should first talk to your grandparents or other old relatives. They will surely share some stories and information to you about your family history because they are naturally fond of doing such. You might be able to gather some relevant data with regards to birth, death or marriage of relatives. Take note of dates, names of children, maiden names, and other information that might help you discover more about your ancestors. They might have even kept some documents that they will gladly show you. The more details you will get and farther back, the better. Your grandparents might have something to share about your great grandparents also.

After you have talked to old living relatives and some family friends, you should start gathering information from other sources such as the internet. There are numerous websites that provide services for LDS genealogy search, one of which is the LDS family search organization. Some of these sites charge a small fee while some can be used for free. Websites with large databases are costlier than other sites. However, they often permit testing out their services first.

The free sites are advisable for any casual LDS family history enthusiast. While these free sites provide excellent information, they information provided are often limited. Nevertheless, it is still something to begin with. The free sites, public libraries, and LDS family search history centers are the best source recommended for novices in genealogical search. If this develops to a hobby, you might want to join fee-based genealogy search sites.

You can access these sites in your local public library or a nearby LDS family search history center. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints provides family history centers that can be accessed online or in the local directory absolutely free.

Because of the searchable indexes provided by the LDS family search site, you can easily view relevant information about your ancestors. The website provides not only important information but also digital images of relevant documents. Aside from these, public records are also provided in digitized images. You will get to learn more about the birth records, death records, military records, cemetery and parish records, and other public records of your ancestors.

Evidently, documents such as adoption, birth, death, and marriage certificates are very relevant sources. However, you should also search for some old photographs since these have also proved to be a good source of relevant information. You should also try to find out where your ancestors lived, in what particular time, and how long they have stayed in that place. These details are sure to provide clues if you plan on searching for your family’s genealogical records in your country and/or state. The information you have in hand should be enough to start an LDS family search online.

Searching for your ancestral roots and family history can be exciting and will surely benefit not only you, but also your children and the generations to follow.

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