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Everything truly is much bigger when in Texas, even the states flag is huge and contains traces of the flags of Spain, France, Republic of Texas, Mexico, United States of America, and Confederate States of America. Many people long to know more about the history of Texas. Thankfully it is possible because of the early Texans that valued history and it’s because of the Texan people’s high value of history that makes performing an LDS family search for Texan ancestors simple and stress free.

The State of Texas Archives make up a part of the larger State of Texas Library which includes the Archives Commission also referred to as TSLAC; this allows people to perform LDS family searches because it holds the official government records of Texas history. It starts back in the eighteenth century with books, manuscripts, journals, collections, photos, newspapers and others. TSLAC additionally maintains a nice genealogy site detailing resources in its library which is a fantastic resource when it comes to performing an LDS family search.

Texas is also home to the National Archives located in Fort Worth. Montgomery Plaza is a place where you can check more about population census, pension records, military records, LDS family search and others. The Land Office of Texas also contains somewhere in the region of 35,000,000, records which begin dating back to 1720.

There is also a Portal to the History of Texas hosted in the libraries which can be located at the North Texas University. It contains unique achieves, genealogical data and also private collections. The site is big but extremely organized and clear. You can do your search by putting the location, date, type and subject of material. You could additionally have access to the partners that have similar findings.

Texas has been recording deaths, births and marriages ever since the year of 1903. The health service of the state of Texas takes care of birth certificates, and has been doing this for over 75 years. Divorce and marriage issues are kept at county level so you will need a clerk to help you out with these issues. As for county clerk’s lists and also the indexes of marriage license applications you can visit The Texas Department of State Health Services. Death certificates that are no older than twenty five years are protected records.

There are many genealogical collections that can be found in general public libraries in Texas. The Clayton Library which is the Center for Genealogy and Research is a branch of the larger Houston Public Library which is fully dedicated to this particular kind of subject. Another great library to know more about genealogy is the famous Texana Collection which can be found inside the public library of San Antonio and also the Border Heritage Center located inside the El Paso general Public Library. In case you have ancestors that could be considered coastal you can check the history center of Galveston and Texas located at the Rosenberg Library. There are many other options at smaller libraries around town.

The Municipal Archives of Dallas aims at preserving the city’s story and also highlights the repository’s historical values. The Research Centers of Houston contain millions of items that may help the population know more about the past. Another option is the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum Research Center over west. In case you are in the southeastern area of the state you might want to visit the Sam Houston Library and Research Center.

Universities and Colleges are also great sources for those who want to know more about history. The Texas University found in Austin, The institution’s Briscoe Center of American History and Perry-Castañeda Library Maps Collection are great options.

Houston is also home to many other colleges, universities and collections for those who want to perform a Texan LDS family search. Two great options are the Research Center of Woodson at Rice University, the Heartman Collection located at the Texas Southern University. If you want to know more about family, the Genealogical Society of Texas is a great place for you to do your LDS family search. The Texas State Genealogical Society dedicates to promoting and preserving resources of the history of Texas. As for The Czech Heritage Society of Texas it includes cultural centers and libraries in LaGrange and they are open to the general public. There are places to find out more about any Jewish family members in Texas such as the Jewish Historical Society of Texas website.

The Lone Star State counts with information about the areas of Hill Country, Gulf coast, Pineywoods, Panhandle and some others. It is always interesting to know more about your family history!

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