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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn everything there is to know about your family’s ancestors? It is extremely interesting to know more about the people that are your distant ancestors. By knowing more about them you are going to be able to understand more about yourself! Some people simply do not know how to do that, or even how to start researching; however there are many great sources that will certainly help you in this new quest!

This article is full of valuable information that has been compiled over the years in order to help people get to know more about their ancestors. This article will show you many websites that have been created by volunteers that are especially dedicated to family history data. These sites are totally free and they also accept the help of those who are willing to becoming a volunteer. The internet is a great source of information, especially now that it has expanded. If you do not know where to start with your LDS family search then the first thing you should do is start by using the information that you already know, after that you will find out other facts and from there you can then deepen you research. Now we are going to take a look at some helpful sites.

USGenWeb Project

This site has a group of volunteers specialized in genealogy the information covers every single state in the USA. There are many sites that are connected to each other; together these will assist you in having a variety of different resources at your disposal. You will have access to queries, message boards, listings of places, the history of the state/country/county, genealogy books, some tips on how to research, maps, groups of families, pictures, last name registers and many others. You will also have access to old articles, censuses, death historic and a whole host of other genealogical data at your fingertips all of which is extremely useful for your LDS family search.

USGenWeb Project Files

The USGenWeb Project Files was also created in 1996. It has the transcriptions of public domain files in electronic texts. They also provide pictures, census data and private records. They also have marriage data, obituary files, census pictures, maps, yearbooks and historical publications available.

 Other great projects are The Tombstone Transcription Project and the Tombstone Photo Project. These are also linked to the USGenWeb Files. This project allows people to have access to the information found on their ancestor’s tombstones that have been recorded online rather than having to visit the cemetery themselves, increasing their findings about their ancestors. They make sure the damaged tombstones will not get lost in time. Finding information from your ancestors tombstones can be particularly useful in filling in some of the blanks about your ancestors that you found after performing your initial LDS family search.

 Census Projects

 There were Census Projects named “The USGenWeb Census Project”. These two census, and later two distinct websites, are dedicated to family historians. You can find more about these censuses on the following sites: and

 Genealogical helpers! (RAOGK)

 Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK) is a worldwide community of over 4 thousand volunteers. These volunteers do a research at least once a week, always gathering new information from their local areas. They do the researches for free however in case you need any copies or help then there may be a small charge for their services.

 FamilySearch Indexing

 This index is part of the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This project is being run by volunteers and they have information available on a global scale. You will have contact with people from all sides of the planet! This data can be seen online by anyone.

 Wondering how to help?

There are many ways that you can help! If you have any kind of information you think is relevant to others why not share it with the community right now. You can try to record tombstones, inscriptions, take pictures of cemeteries and submit it to the appropriate sites. You can be the host of one of the USGenWeb Project websites and research more on books and documents you have access to, you may also subscribe to mailing or message boards, share your old pictures, do file transcriptions, take a look at local obituaries and put the information online, be a volunteer at a library or even register at the RAOGK and guide others during their own research. After all there are many ways to be an online helper! You will be able to know much more about the history of not only your own family but the families surrounding you! Start researching today!

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